The automotive industry involves a broad scale of processes in which VOC emissions are formed. Most frequently it involves large flows of waste air and low concentrations of VOC.


Various devices from Filtrační technika have been successfully applied to various processes in the chemical industry. Most commonly, the task involves dealing with small and middle-sized operations with respect to the volume of waste air. We resolve individual projects on a case-by-case basis with a deep insight and knowledge of this field.

Food industry

Filtrační technika offers solutions for waste gases from furnaces, drying shops, and roasting shops. Odors from such operations can be eliminated with the use of catalytic and/or more universal thermal oxidation.

Printing industry

The most frequently used printing techniques include flexographic printing, offset, gravure printing, and silk-screen printing. The use of air recirculation integrated into the printing machine results in a significant reduction of operating costs.

Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most important industries in the world. Our experience in this field enables us to deal with the complex conditions that can occur in various production processes. When designing the equipment for the elimination of emissions, the possible occurrence of high peaks of concentrations or the presence of aggressive compounds in the waste gas must be taken into consideration.


This segment of the industry has enjoyed continuous rapid growth. Our customers are manufacturers of displays, semiconductors, and printed circuits, where emissions are formed e.g. during the processes of cleaning, degreasing, etching, and polishing. This industry requires 100% operation reliability for continuous operation.


Filtrační technika has many years of experience in exhausts from operations for processing composite materials and the follow-up elimination of emission. We know that high energy consumption would place a heavy burden on our customers. This is why we always try to find an efficient solution.

Paint / Paint spray

Paint shops generally involve a large flow of waste air with a low VOC concentration. When Filtrační technika becomes familiar with the operation of the paint shop, it focuses on the possibilities of decreasing the air volume, thereby decreasing the operating costs.